Our Team

Jeff Malone - BSc MRCPod HCPC LA POM-S
Clinic Owner & Lead Podiatrist
Specialist in Verrucae removal using SWIFT Microwave Therapy.

Simon Goodwin MSc MCPod HCPC LA POM-S
Associate Podiatrist at JBM Podiatry Abergele
With over 35 years experience, specialising in Diabetic foot care and now the innovative therapy BTL Super Inductive System (SIS) and ESWT Shockwave Therapy

Mark Cooke - ENT Specialist Nurse
Based at our Abergele clinic one day a week, Mark performs ear wax removal using state of the art Micro-suction which is the Gold Standard treatment for ear wax removal, according to the NICE Guidelines.
Morwenna Trevanion - BSc MRCPod HCPC LA POM-S
Associate Podiatrist at JBM Podiatry Nantwich
Specialises in minor surgical procedures for ingrowing toenails and routine podiatric care.

Caoimhe Moran - BSc MRCPod HCPC LA POM-S
Associate Podiatrist at JBM Podiatry Nantwich 
Ms. Moran is part of the High Risk Diabetic Foot Team at Salford Royal. 

Shelley Keeble - Foot Health Practitioner
Associate at JBM Podiatry Nantwich & Abergele
Offering in-clinic appointments as well as specialist clinical treatments for patients at home or in residential care. 

Genevieve Parkinson - Student Podiatrist
Associate at JBM Podiatry Nantwich
Having qualified as a Nurse in 2016, Gen has had exposure in a multitude of healthcare settings, most recently as a Practice Nurse in Earnswood Medical Centre in Crewe. She has now embarked on her Podiatry Apprenticeship Degree and follows in the footsteps of her Fiancee and clinical mentor, Jeff Malone. 

Lynne Steen - Receptionist
Head of admin and tea-making at our clinic on Market Street, Abergele. Lynne has been involved with the clinic for longer than she cares to remember. 

Kaye Maguire - Admin and Clinic Co-ordinator
Based at JBM Podiatry Nantwich. Kaye is responsible for the smooth running of our practice both in clinic and 'on the road', she liases with all of the major local care homes ensuring all of their patients podiatric needs are kept in check.   

Rebecca Lea -  Admin and Clinical Assistant
Based at JBM Podiatry Nantwich. Rebecca works closely with Jeff and Morwenna keeping our patients at ease from the moment they arrive. Her duties include stock control and decontamination of medical instruments as well as preparation of the clinic space prior to treatment commencing. 

Frequently asked question:
What is the difference between a Podiatrists and a Chiropodists?
There is no difference between a chiropodist and a podiatrist. The term chiropodist has been traditionally used in the United Kingdom, but the term podiatrist is recognised and used more internationally. In the late 1960s, chiropodists in the United States renamed chiropody to ‘podiatry’, meaning ‘physician of the foot’, mainly to avoid confusion with the chiropractic industry. The terms ‘podiatry’ and ‘chiropody’ are used interchangeably in the United Kingdom. In 2005, the terms were protected so that only practitioners registered with the Health Professions Council can refer to themselves as chiropodists or podiatrists.
Both chiropodist and podiatrist are protected titles and can only be used by people registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). The HCPC regulates the chiropody and podiatry profession and ensures that all of its members meet their standards for training, professional skills, behaviour and health.

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