New Patients

These appointments are always interesting and patients can expect to be thoroughly assessed & diagnosed before receiving any required treatment during the same appointment. The appointment begins with a conversation regarding the patient’s relevant medical history and medication intake, if any. Once any necessary information has been obtained the Podiatrist will proceed with the assessment and ask the patient what exactly has brought them into the clinic that day and how we can help.

As Podiatrists we deal with some of the most simple nail care and corn removal procedures to more complicated aspects of our scope such as treating diabetic foot ulcers, painful corns, ingrowing toenails, verrucaes and biomechanical issues.

At the New Patient Appointment, one of our Podiatrists will discuss in detail any future treatment plans that may be of benefit to the patient.

If you would like to know more, please call us and we can organise the Lead Podiatrist to have a conversation with you prior to your appointment if necessary

How to Register

To register with our clinic you will be required to complete a registration form. Please complete the form if possible in advance.

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