A verruca on the sole of a person's foot.

A Verrucae is a form of virus that can affect people of any age resulting in a wart-like skin lesion, usually found on the soul of the foot. They are unsightly, embarrassing and can become somewhat uncomfortable.

They are notoriously stubborn to treat and are more common than you think, 1 in 3 of us over our lifetime have had a verrucae at some point and even Jeff (the owner of the clinic) had them when he was a kid….!

Verrucaes thrive in warm, moist environments. So is it any wonder there are so many around when you consider how many gyms, saunas, spas and sports clubs we now have.

Patients have usually tried and failed with some ‘over the counter’ treatment methods before attending a Podiatrist. But if you are reading this and you want to get rid of your verrucae, you are looking in the right place.

Our Lead Podiatrist Jeff Malone specialises in Verrucae Removal using SWIFT Microwave Therapy.

We have another section on our website which discusses SWIFT in more detail, but if you’d like a free consultation specifically about this treatment, please just ask.


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