SWIFT Microwave Therapy

SWIFT Microwave Therapy was released and licensed for use by Podiatrists in the UK for the treatment of verrucae and plantar warts in 2016 and our lead Podiatrist, Jeff Malone, has had privileges to use this machine for over 4 years across clinics in Cheshire, Manchester and North Wales.

So, a verrucae is a virus which our immune system ‘should’ have picked up and gotten rid of. However, verrucaes are notoriously stubborn and often slip under the radar of our immune system, and that’s why some people end up having them for years and years.

Simplifying the treatment method as much as possible, if we are going to get rid of a verrucae we need to do sufficient cell damage to the infected area in order for our immune system to pick up the virus and start to get rid of it.

When we consider the traditional treatment methods for verrucaes, we often think about cryotherapy and acid applications. Both of which are externally applied and have depressingly low success rates. Perhaps this is related to the fact that these treatments never really penetrate the full depth of the verrucae which can be up to 5mm or more in depth.

So, how does SWIFT work? SWIFT delivers a precise amount of microwave energy into the infected tissue to a depth of 6-7mm causing the water molecules in the tissue to heat up, collide and crash. In other words, SWIFT sends in microwave energy to heat up the tissue sufficiently enough to do damage. Your immune system will pick up that there is now a problem and it will start to get rid of the virus.

It may seem expensive as a course of SWIFT (3 treatments) costs £375. However, look at the success rates before you think about the price.

No medical treatment carries a 100% success rate however research currently states SWIFT carries a success rate of 77% at the 3-6 month review and this rises to nearly 90% at 9 months.

Our Lead Podiatrist would be happy to discuss this treatment with you in further detail and show you before and after photos of SWIFT treatments and accompanying testimonials.

On the left you can see the verrucae has more depth than you perhaps envisaged. In the centre you can see the microwave energy travelling throughout the depth of the verrucae. On the right is the fully healed area with no verrucae.
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