Super Inductive System (SIS)

The innovative therapy BTL Super Inductive System (SIS) is based on high-intensity electromagnetic field, which positively influences the human tissue. With the Super Inductive System you can relieve pain, release joint blockage, support fracture healing process, relax or strengthen muscles.


The Super Inductive System using healing effects of the high-intensity electromagnetic field, represents a perfect treatment of the painful conditions of the neuromuscular and joint-skeletal system. Ingenious applicator construction allows for therapy delivering without need of direct skin contact and with patient‘s and therapist‘s comfort in mind.


The therapy is based on the interaction between the high-intensity electromagnetic field and human body.

Once the electromagnetic field is generated by a coil placed in the applicator, neuromuscular tissue is depolarized and muscle contraction occurs. With the Super Inductive System you can effectively treat various disorders of neuromuscular and joint-skeletal system.


The Super Inductive System pain management is based on three different neurophysiological pain control theories. Each of them varies in frequency spectrum. Wide range of frequencies assures that the Super Inductive System can be indicated in all stages of painful conditions.

Endogenous Opioid Theory of Pain

Endorphins are endogenous opioids in humans, which are naturally released in response to pain. The secretion of analgesic opioids is achieved by stimulating nerve endings with the SIS using frequencies in the range between 2–10 Hz. The most common indications are chronic conditions (i.e. chronic back pain or chronic joint pain).

Gate Control Theory of Pain

Pain is transferred to the brain interpretation center through nerve fibers and the ‘spinal gate’. Thin diameter nerve fibers open the spinal gate and carry pain to the brain. Large diameter nerve fibers close the spinal gate and pain is not transferred to the brain. When stimulating treated area with SIS using frequencies in the range between 60–100 Hz, large diameter nerve fibers are affected. The most common indications are acute and subacute conditions (i.e. acute condition after distortion).

Peripheral Pattern Theory of Pain

Pain is sent as coded information through peripheral nervous system to the brain interpretation center, where it is decoded and interpreted. When stimulating a painful spot with SIS using high frequencies in the range between 120–140 Hz, the coded information is not interpreted as pain. The most common indications are subacute painful conditions (i.e. rheumatoid arthritis).2–10 Hz0
2560–100 Hz5075100120–140 Hz125150bg_med-effects


Joint Mobilisation

Joint mobilisation is a gentle repetitive movement to relieve blocked joint, usually over the spine.


Muscle strengthening can be performed to maintain muscles as well as to prevent any further deterioration of the muscle tissue.

Fracture Healing

Healing process of the bone usually takes about 6 weeks. During this period, it is desirable to boost the blood circulation, which will enhance the formation of the new bone.

Spasticity Reduction

To decrease spasticity effectively, combination of relaxation and consequent stimulation of affected muscle groups is desirable.


img_indicationsCarpal Tunnel SyndromeNerve RegenerationBreathing EnhancementSlipped DiscPatellar TendinopathyImpingement SyndromeSpasticity ReductionSpine MobilizationPrevention of Muscle AtrophyFracture


A great benefit of the Super Inductive System is that the therapy can be delivered without the need of direct skin contact.
For your complete comfort, the therapy can be applied even over clothing.


The therapy is gentle to the patient and easily set by the operator



Position of the applicator is adjustable to any body part



Applicator ensures precise delivery of the therapy



Unique technology solution guarantees immediate therapeutic effect


Book a course today with Simon or Jeff and start feeling the benefits for yourself.

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